Upcoming Events

Jackie Frioud, Thursday October 10, 2019

Jackie lives in North Vancouver,  and has been making salt glazed pottery for almost 20 years.  The textures and colours and unexpected surprises that salt firing brings keeps her inspired and excited.  She loves to make table ware with refined shapes and earthy tones for everyday pleasure.

 Jackie makes her work at the Mud Room, a shared studio at the Mergatroid Building in Vancouver, and fires her pottery at the Tidal Art Centre in Lund where she recently built her second salt kiln.

Barbara Tipton, Wednesday February 13, 2019

We are lucky to have another great presentation on deck for February (note the change to Wednesday in respect of Valentines Day). You won’t want to miss Barbara Tipton as she talks about how she develops surfaces through layering glazes, drawing and imagery. Her sculptural work is made on the wheel but not “thrown” in the traditional sense. With an emphasis on texture and color, she supplements the surface with drawing, transfers and decals. She describes her soda-fired functional work as “fairly straightforward in form” with an emphasis on utility and developing interest through drawing and imagery. Internationally recognized for her work, she has been an Alberta resident since the late ‘80s, and has taught at both the University of Calgary and Alberta University of the Arts (ACAD). We are fortunate to now claim her as she’s just moved to BC!

Members work ranges and includes

Functional Pottery

IMG_5787 Downsizing by Dorothy Warwicker, Raku - CopyLORES.jpg



Tile work

Two Necklaces,raku and beads.jpg


Firing techniques include low fire oxidation, raku, smoke/pit firing, salt, wood, and soda as well as high fire reduction. 

Current membership includes potters from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Woodfiring @ Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

The potters guild hosts several exciting member events throughout the year including:

  • Regular meetings with presentations

  • Skill development workshops with professional potters

  • Guest lectures

  • Community outreach events

  • An annual juried show

  • Gallery shows

  • Wood firing

  • Raku events at which members fire their own work.

Members are welcome to participate in as many of these events as they like.